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    Dongguan Xinmei Electronic Material Co;Ltd.is a company main power battery tape,lithium battery tape,LED tape,protective film,high temperature tape,etc which is located in the Eastern Industrial Park of Dongguan city,Guangdong province.Our company integrates scientific research,production and management,and the products are sold at home and abroad.

    In order to comply with the development trend of new energy industry,our company has produced large scale laser engraving tape and two-dimensional code tape for the demand of power battery field which can be used to record the origin of the electric core manufacturing process and thus forming a complete product chain traceability system,Our company have won the high praise from our new energy industry partners.

    Our company always ahead of the industry,keep pace with the times and pioneering enterprising.Our company alwas insist on customer and market dumand,which is the purpose of our production and scientific reseaich.Our company always insist on providing the most professional solution for our customers,providing reliable and environment-fruendly materials for international quality.

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